In this 21st century, the cases of pollution are on the rise and humans are urged to incorporate sustainability in their everyday lives. Over the last few years, we have been encouraged to consume less, cut down and even become sensitive to the materials we use. One of the steps towards sustainability is embracing environmentally friendly clothing brands.

However, this is not possible because sustainable fashion is so expensive. But why is it costly when we are encouraged to embrace it? Let’s find out.

The cost of fabric

Sustainable fabrics come from animals and plants. They are farmed just like food crops and therefore cost more than synthetic materials which are basically made of chemicals. Sustainable materials are farmed in sustainable practices such as limiting pesticide use and proper disposal of wastewater, an activity that involves paying weavers and farmers at a fair price.

When these factors are combined, they make sustainable fashion expensive. If you’d wish to make your own clothing, hop over to this website for affordable fabrics.

The cost of labour

Every piece of clothing you see involves human labour. Most people argue that sustainable clothing is made using a sewing machine, but the truth is that someone uses that machine to make the clothes you so much admire, and how they’re paid influence the cost of apparels.


Sewing facilities used to make sustainable clothing pay their employees handsomely and provide other important human rights like bathroom breaks, rights to unionize, safe working environment and recommended working hours, all of which increase the cost of sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion is a niche market

As people become conscious about the environment, the popularity of sustainable fashion continues to grow. Surprisingly, it is still a niche industry.

The more demand there is for a specific service or product, the more competitive it becomes meaning that manufacturers reduce the price to attract customers and sell in high volumes. But, sustainable brands are less demanded and therefore, manufacturers produce them in low quantities and thus sell at high prices.

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