Executive bodybuilders have a number of essential things that every bodybuilder will require during his/her exercise.

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Bodybuilding is an exercise that works with time, and so if your gym room lacks a watch and especially one with a second hand, then a watch is a must requirement. Also, some bodybuilding exercises are straining to turn and check the time, and so you will require a watch next to you. You also need a watch to time your breaks and the proper time per each exercise session.

Source of music


Music is a good source of motivation and helps in minding your own business. A gym place is not a place of chatting and talking, and so music is a good company to help you push those heavy lifts.

A journal

A journal is an important item for bodybuilders and needs to carry with them every time they are going to the gym. A journal helps keep a record of what or which type of exercise you engaged in, during the previous visit. Man is to error, and so forgetting what you did last is very normal.

Bodybuilding involves a number of different types of exercise, and cannot be accomplished in one day, and so keeping track of what you do is an important step.

Your pre-workout supplement

Body Building

Every bodybuilder must pack with him/her a pre-workout food. A pre-workout supplement may be different from one bodybuilder to the other. This is because different pre-workout have different uses. Some are used for improving mental focus, energy-boosting or delayed onset of fatigue.

Your after-workout supplement

Your post-workout shake for consumption is another thing that every bodybuilder should have in their bags. A post-workout shake should consist of protein powder for quick absorption and some carbohydrate for body energy boosting. For a bodybuilder who is in need of building muscle mass then a high glycemic carbohydrate is a must requirement.

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