The turquoise color is considered one of the best colors in the fashion industry. It is a mixture of blue and green forming a perfect shade like that of “tropical waters” as seen on a clear afternoon. The color stems from the turquoise gemstone which has also been said to have many benefits. It is believed that the stone can protect the person wearing it from all the negative energy that may be surrounding that person. As such the color has been said to show peacefulness and emotional well-being. The turquoise color comes in different shades such as aquamarine, pale turquoise, bright turquoise and medium turquoise.

Reasons to wear it

It is unisex

Many times specific colors are attributes to a specific sex. For instance, pink is always perceived as a color for girls and blue for boys. As such, men are often frowned upon for wearing pink in many occasions. Finding a color that is considered appropriate is always important especially if one wants to make a fashion statement or when going for official business occasions.

Turquoise color 22

The turquoise color is great for both men and women because it gives them a wide range of colors to pick from. The colors range from almost blue to deep greenish blue. Men can go for the darker shades while women can wear lighter ones. You can choose a shade that reflects your personality.

It is easy to pair

One of the common fashion advice people usually get is to buy plain colored clothes that they can easily pair with other clothing items they already have. This is always a good way of saving money since it allows you get a different look with the same outfit thereby eliminating the need to go shopping. Turquoise color is one of the great colors to have in any wardrobe since it gives people unlimited options when it comes to wearing it. Pair your turquoise with a black or white color and get a simple yet classy outcome.



Wear it with a pink or lavender color and show your feminine side. When worn with a grey color, light brown color or a silver color it brings about a southwestern style. You can also pair your turquoise color with brighter colors like yellow and orange to get a fun and interesting outcome.

It is easy to accessorize

Finding the right accessories to match perfectly with the type of clothing one has is always a challenge for most people. The color blends well with metallic jewelry as well as silver ones and the native turquoise jewelry.

It also goes well with different types and colors of handbags, wallets and clutches. The color also makes it easier for people to wear makeup and shoes. For example, you can wear turquoise pants with a grey top and a luminous jacket to get a fun yet sophisticated look. Complete it by wearing teal eye-shadow and wearing some black heels.


Since turquoise is believed to bring good luck and drive away negative energy, it is also believed that wearing the color can light up a person’s mood. It is a cool color that can be matched appropriately to fit casual occasions as well as official ones.

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