This year, it’s all about Rio 2016. The Olympics Games, after four years, are once again in the spotlight, not only for sports fans but for the whole world. This event has entered every part of our lives and become an inspiration for people of different professions. Fashion gurus aren’t an exception, so it’s no surprise that the latest Olympics dictate new trends. 

The Olympics fashion

Many famous designers and biggest brands were inspired by the styles of thousands of athletes who have paraded during the Olympics. Some of them were responsible for outfitting, while others, like Chloé, created new collections in the spirit of Rio 2016.The Olympics fashion 01.jpg

Considering the number of participants in this year’s Olympics and the number of its followers all around the world, it’s understandable why it’s in creators’ interests to show off their best designs and combinations for the winning style. Some of these ideas spread further and become fashion favourites for this season. 

For example, South Africa’s freaky green-yellow retro tracksuits or Brazilian bold forest pattern uniforms will inspire you to go for a casual look and include more vivid colours (like yellow-green, orange, etc.) in your outfits. This is certainly a bullet-proof way to make you look younger. If it’s too much for you, look up to a more classy and elegant style, like a simple combination of white and navy suits that Lacoste designed for French or like Stella McCartney did, along with Adidas, for British representation. Simple, but impressive was also the entrance of a Refugees team that looked stunning in their dark blazers and light khaki pants combination. Maybe the best example of how sports and fashion may be closer than we think are Serbian and Hungarian women’s striped style skirts, which can leave you confused, are you watching the Olympics or some fashion runaway?

The Olympics fashion 02.jpg

But, this year’s Olympics aren’t just about the athletes’ styles – it’s also about Rio. Brazil, as a host may be the biggest inspiration for creative minds all around the globe. Famous carnival, vivid colours, summer and good rhythm are great templates for themed events this season.   

A winning team

After designers, wedding planners can find the most inspiration in Rio 2016. The spirit of Brazil is the perfect choice for a summer celebration of love. If you’re planning to say the fateful “yes”, or just looking for ideas on what to wear to a wedding reception, consider preparing the Olympics themed venue, and we will give you some advice on how to achieve it.
A winning team.jpg

  • Invite your guests to support “the winning team” of the year and come to your wedding by sending unique wedding stationery inspired by spirit of the Rio 2016.
  • Decoration of the venue gives the most opportunities to include the Olympics style into a wedding. Consider bright coloured pennants, garlands, balloons or festive banners, which you can customize as you want – from colours of your home team to your personal photos and personal symbolic motifs. 
  • Instead of usual beverages, serve your guests with cocktails made by recipes from all over the world and decorated with matching party straws and cocktails umbrella. This way you’ll present the international spirit of the Olympic games and give them the pleasure of trying something new, different and fun. You can even make a custom made, “newlyweds cocktail” that will represent your team at its best.cocktails.jpeg
  • You can use the same tip when it comes to a food: prepare Brazilian cuisine or offer various international meals that can be served in the Olympics’ ring-like dishes. 
  • Make sure to play some Samba and surely even the shyest ones won’t be able to resist dancing.   
  • The winning team deserves an appropriate trophy, so you could decorate your wedding cake in the shape of Olympic trophy or the universal symbol of goodwill and harmony, the eternal flame – Olympic torch.  

Your wedding celebration can be completely themed if you choose to colour it in colours of your home country and maybe even make some tasks and challenges which they’ll have to manage. You can also create a chill-out zone where it will be possible to watch the Olympics but be careful – it shouldn’t take up all the attention, after all, this is your game.