Focusing on the notion that “less is more”, minimalist fashion often includes clean and simple lines, muted colors, as well as plain clothing items. And although such rules might seem incredibly easy to follow at first, it can be quite challenging to create minimalist outfits that look fashionable and appealing, instead of appearing as if they lack any effort and creativity. So, to help you nail minimalist fashion and appear insanely stylish, here are some great ways you can look effortlessly cool in simplistic menswear:

Stick to a neutral color palette

While minimalism isn’t known for being overly colorful or infused with busy prints, it does offer room for experimentation with subtle, toned-down shades and classic patterns like pinstripes or plaid fabrics. However, if you want to achieve that effortlessly cool effect, it would be advised to stick with plain-colored clothing in neutral shades such as black, white, gray, brown, and navy. To add some variety and dimension to your outfits, you can also play around with the tonality of the color groups you choose, by pairing white, off-white, and cream, or combining tan and camel shades with brown, for instance.

man in white shirt

Experiment with different shapes

As the colors and patterns are often muted, minimalists need to focus on other aspects in order to make their outfits more interesting and visually appealing. This is exactly where cuts and shapes come in. Minimalism presents the ideal opportunity to experiment with different clothing silhouettes, and even play around with different proportions to achieve a more unique and appealing look. Although you have a wide variety of options to choose from, including cropped lengths, skinny fits, and boxy shapes, flowy, oversized silhouettes, as well as sharp, asymmetric cuts are thought to be the best choices for achieving that effortlessly cool “woke up like this” look.

Play around with textures

The texture of the fabric represents the finish and that “feel” you get when touching a garment. Apart from combining unique silhouettes, experimenting with different textures and materials is another brilliant way to inject more interest and dimension into an otherwise plain and simple minimalist look. For example, you can pair denim and cotton to achieve more depth and density, combine leather and knitted fabrics for visual appeal, or wear wool with flowy materials for a wonderful contrast. No matter what you opt for, varying the weight between your clothing items, and playing around with different textures and materials, is bound to make your simplistic outfits appear that much more fashionable.

Choose the right accessories

Regardless of how plain and simplistic your outfit might be, any look can be enhanced with the right accessories. For instance, a belt matched with sleek leather footwear can make for a more sophisticated look, while a good pair of sunglasses can turn any outfit into a more stylish and fashionable ensemble. One of the coolest accessories you could opt for is also an elegant money clip for men, as it always looks smart and tasteful, while easily holding all your essentials, and effortlessly fitting inside any pocket. If you’re more experimental, on the other hand, some alternative accessory options like leather and metal jewelry or even sleek clutches for men can also help you to achieve a more unique, high fashion minimalist look.

man in suit

Stock up on minimalist essentials

If you don’t know where to begin when constructing a minimalist wardrobe, there are some staple items every man should have in his closet, which always look cool and fashionable without much effort. These are also the autumn fashion trends of 2021. Plain, round-neck T-shirts and sweaters, leather jackets and cotton blazers, slim, dark-wash jeans and neutral-colored chinos, polo shirts and plain white dress shirts, as well as trench coats, are all basic minimalist items you can never go wrong with. These garments are not only attractive and timeless, ensuring they will never go out of fashion, but they’re also clean and simple enough to allow you to experiment with other aspects of minimalist fashion when constructing your daily looks.

Try new simplistic styles

In case minimalism is still difficult for you to achieve, you might also want to give some specific styles a try, in an effort to make simplistic outfits a bit easier to manage. If you’re a more active type, for instance, you could opt for athleisure, a style that aims to combine sportswear with casual aspects in order to create trendy everyday looks. If you’re more fashion-oriented, on the other hand, you could try a minimalist Japanese style to achieve the ultimate cool look. Focusing on light colors, as well as baggy, flowy, and boxy cuts, this style is ideal for casual, summery looks that still look effortlessly stylish.

While minimalism might be difficult to get just right, the helpful advice mentioned above will hopefully allow you to create simplistic outfits that look sleek, fashionable, and incredibly cool, without too much effort.