Accessories are the items that contribute to the final look for an outfit. Examples of accessories include handbags, earrings, rings, scarfs, makeup, shoes, among many other items. Accessories are used to bring out or enhance your style, taste, and preferences. They come in different colors, shapes, texture, and size. Accessories are an essential detail that complete your overall appearance.

However, you cannot throw in everything together in a single outfit. There are a few steps one needs to consider before picking accessories for your favorite outfit. They include:

1. Pair bold accessories with a more simple outfit.


If you want your accessories to stand out, then ensure that your outfit is simple yet fashionable. You don’t want it to seem like your accessories and outfit are at war. For example, you have a statement diamond necklace or earrings, and you want these beauties to stand out; therefore, a simple outfit will be perfect for bold accessories.

2. Avoid being too ‘matchy.’

Being too ‘matchy’ is not flattering at all. When you are matchy-matchy, there is too much repetition of color or texture. It makes your outfit look repetitive, overdone, and monotonous.

Your accessories pieces should work together and not against one another. Add a pop of different color to break the pattern. The accessories should work and relate with one another but at the same time, be distinct.

3. Choose items that enhance your features.

What are your favorite features? You always want these features to stand out more so that people don’t notice areas you think are not your ‘best’. Is it your neck? Try to put your hair up and put on that bold necklace to bring attention to your neck. Do you have long, gorgeous legs? Get a pair of shoe that speaks volume about your legs.

4. Balance the size of the accessories pieces.

Blend the size of your accessories for them to coordinate. You should, for example, not wear a large necklace and large earrings, or a huge ring and large bracelets. browse this site for more information about getting the right size for your accessories.

5. Wear a few items at a time.


Accessories are meant to compliment your look and not make you look like a clown. In fashion, simplicity is everything. Yes, you have beautiful accessories but wearing them all at the same time will be like creating a hurricane!

6. Wear items that complement the color of your outfit.

You don’t want your accessories to clash with your outfit. Color coordination is critical. How you put your colors together can either make or break your fashion statement. There should be harmony between your outfit and the color of accessories.

With all that said and done, the above tips should not stop you from being experimental and playing around with colors and different textures. It’s all about personal taste and preference.

Accessories should also tell a story about you and your personality. They are an extension of your inner self! The guides above are only meant to help you make decisions when you are stuck, or you do not know how to go about it. But I can guarantee you that you can never go wrong with these tips!

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