Every time we start looking forward to the swimsuit season, there’s that little voice inside our head that reminds us we are not all that ready to jump into a bikini. Whether you’re a new mommy in the neighbourhood, or your work has kept you away from visiting the gym regularly, your body is probably in need of some detox and exercise. Fortunately, with a couple of useful tips, you’ll be able to get that body back in shape, and jump into your favourite swimsuit in no time.

Work out

Strength training exercises are the fastest way to a beach ready body. With just 15 minutes of efficient training sessions a day, you’ll get the perfectly sculpted body in just a couple of weeks. It’s important that you combine body-sculpting moves that will shape your buttocks, hips and stomach, keeping them firm and toned. Not only will you have a well-sculpted body, with those exercises, your metabolism will speed up and you won’t gain weight as easily. Mix squats and lunges, include push-ups and planks, and watch how your body is becoming more ready for summer each day. You could also think about working out with your friend, spouse, or a sibling and keep yourself motivated for each session.

Cosmetic procedures

You know how sometimes no matter how much you exercise, you just can’t get rid of that nasty belly fat? If you’re familiar with the problem as are numerous Australian women, you’ll be happy to know that with innovations in cosmetic surgery, you can now have a perfectly sculpted body thanks to various procedures for  body contouring in Sydney. One of the non-invasive procedures, cryolipolysis, removes stubborn pockets of fat, using a controlled cooling technology and kills fat cells permanently without surgery. Thanks to the special vacuumed applicator that is placed on the skin, it penetrates to the fat cells and freezes them, eventually killing them and permanently removing them from the body. This highly efficient fat freezing procedure will provide the body you’ve always wanted, without affecting any other cells in the body.

A healthy diet

Even with a strenuous workout and a little help from cosmetic surgeons, you’ll still need to pay attention to what you eat to keep your body beach ready. Have a sweet tooth for candy and cakes? Unfortunately, you’ll have to give up all the sweets, fast food, and sugary drinks if you plan on keeping a slender figure. We all know that ice-cream and sweet cold beverages are some of the best parts of the summer, but they won’t do your body any good. Therefore, have only one day a week for a little guilty pleasure, and make sure to eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and whole grains. Only with the sufficient intake of vitamins, fibres and enzymes will your body be able to function well, and burn all the calories during the workout. What’s more, don’t try to starve yourself, eat smaller portions of food more often. Try to have three regular meals, and at least two snack times in between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner, when you’ll have some fruit or a protein bar. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, both during the workout and through the day. Eight glasses of water a day is the recommended amount that will keep your body hydrated and healthy.

Final thoughts

Getting into shape is somehow always on our mind a month before summer starts, and we can’t help but whine about how lazy we’ve been for the past year. However, if you only control your diet for a couple of weeks, and include regular exercise for 20 minutes a day, you’ll get a better figure in no time. Add a bit of cosmetic surgery to the mix, and you’ll get yourself a beach ready body.

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