Although holidays are a time to relax and take it easy, they’re also a perfect time to flaunt your feathers and show off your style. Festive family gatherings, office Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve – each of these occasions is your time to shine. After all, looking good is a part of holiday spirit, so here are several stunning outfit ideas for the most stylish holiday season.

Smooth as velvet

If you went shopping at least once in the past few months, chances are you’ve noticed a major trend among fabrics this season – velvet. This soft, shiny material comes in all colours and it’s elegant enough to complete your festive outfit. Velvet dress or top is a good idea, but consider taking it to a next level and opt for a velvet suit. As for the colours, think Christmas – deep green and red shades, as well as classic black. 

Bonus style tip: to avoid looking childish or too girly, wear a corset top or, better yet, nothing underneath your jacket and you’ll surely look very sexy and feminine.

girl in dark grey sweater

Go along with the sweater weather

Wool and other cosy materials sweaters are made of are perfect for winter time but, unfortunately, baggy oversized knit is not really considered to be party attire. Sweater dresses, on the other hand, can look very stylish thus being the perfect choice when temperatures are low. Furthermore, if you opt for a tight dress and combine it with a pair of killer heels, you’ll get yourself a stunning outfit for New Year’s Eve.

Bonus style tip: wear body shapers underneath your tight sweater dress to hide the holiday food tummy and make your whole silhouette look better. It’ll make you feel confident and confidence is the best accessory!

woman in sequin dress

Channel your inner sequins addict

Glitter, sequins, and everything shiny is a must for the holiday season but this year consider going beyond full-on sequin dress and try to be more creative. A sequined jacket, skirt, pants, or accessories – the choice is all yours as long as you follow certain rules. First of all, mix and match and pair sequins pieces with simpler articles to tone them down. Next, feel free to play with colours and don’t just stick to classic black and silver sequins. According to Pantone team, green is the colour for the year to come so why not give it a shot this holiday season?

Bonus style tip: remember that sequins are not good for complex shapes, so keep your lines simple and get ready to shine.

woman in little black dress

LBD with a twist

Little black dress is, indeed, a timeless classic, but why not try something different this holiday season and give it some unique twist? It’s a great way to personalise a piece of clothing and express your style, so make sure you think it through. Whether you opt for an LBD that’s not that little, add a chic purse to the outfit, or you go for cut out shoulders that are a major hit lately, one thing is for sure – you’ll look marvellous yet elegant.

Bonus style tip: bomber jackets work with almost any type of LBD and they’ve been trending for some time now, so that might be the perfect stylish update for a good, old little black dress.

And, finally, dare to be bold. Being trendy is not just about following current trends; it’s about implementing them in your wardrobe and adjusting them to your style as well. Since the holiday season is your time to shine, now is the perfect time to experiment, put on some festive colours, and look fabulous. For a fashionista, that’s the true spirit of holidays!