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Mar 27

Top Wedding Gift Ideas

By Amelia Hamilton | General

When you get a wedding invitation, there are a few things that go through your head: what are you going to wear, who your +1 is going to be and, of course, what will you bring as a present. Choosing a present is a tough task, so here’s a little list to help you out:

Give them comfort

All newlyweds like to feel comfortable in their homes and in their lives. What better way to achieve this than to gift them some luxuriously soft matching bathrobes to drink their morning coffees in. Or a set of comfy decorative pillows to fluff their home up and make them more comfortable.

A token of love

Weddings indicate the moment when the newlyweds’ lives really intertwine into one and they promise to love each other forever. What better way to help them commemorate that and grow from that moment than to give them a place where they can put all of their cherished memories, whether it’s a giant picture frame with some of their favorite moments and plenty of space for more, or two message boxes in which they can leave each other notes of love.

A gift from far away

Sometimes you just live too far away and can’t make it to the wedding, but you still want to send a gift to show them your love. But items can get lost and damaged in shipping, and costs seem to rise each year, which is why newlyweds that have a lot of family members overseas tend to set up a wedding registry to which their loved ones can deposit money for them to spend on something they need down the line. This is not only a way for people to make sure that the newlyweds will get something they like, but it’s also a great way for multiple people to contribute towards a bigger goal.

An experience

There’s really nothing couples love to do more than experience new things together. By the time they’re getting married, they might be ripe for a new activity to do together, and you can gift them that on their wedding day. Whether it’s a weekend away in a nearby resort on a date of their choosing, a trip to Disneyland or something more frequent like dance lessons. If you’re close to the couple and know their schedule, you can also give them a spa pampering day for right after the wedding to relax and recover after the busy months. They will surely appreciate the time they get together away from everyone else.

A touch of luxury

Most new couples can’t exactly afford many luxuries in their lives, so small things that make them feel like they have a lot more are a great option. Something like a fancy cheeseboard set, a fondue set or even a range of champagne glasses will be a great addition to their home. You can also gift something more personal and intimate like silk or satin bed sheets.

Set them up for success

Getting married is fun and all, but when real life sets in, the newlyweds might need some help getting their lives together. This is why you should consider some gifts that come with benefits after the wedding, like a grocery store gift card that will provide them with groceries for the next few months without being a burden on their home budget, or subscribing them to a service that helps them change their last names if that’s in their plan.


Whatever you decide to give your loved ones, be mindful of their lives and wishes – don’t try to gift them what you wish you’d gotten if that gift won’t mean as much to them. The end goal is to make everyone happy and to make everyone’s lives a little bit easier, so take everything into consideration and choose wisely.

Dec 26

How to Take Good Photos Using a DSLR?

By Amelia Hamilton | General

Do you own a DSLR camera and at times feel that you aren’t using it to its full potential? Well, this is quite common, especially if you are new to photography. A DSLR camera can help you take marvelous shots. You just have to know how to use it well. The moment you learn how to incorporate the key features of the DSLR and the basic photography skills, you will be ready to go. Below are tips on how to take good photos using a DSLR?

1. Clean The Camera Lens

The reason why dots and smears are appearing on your shots is because your DSLR lens are dirty. Despite most DSLR cameras having automatic sensors, dirt can always find its way onto the lens. The best way to deal with this is by buying a lens cloth that will help you remove this dirt. Make it an effort always to keep the lens clean.

Entry-level DSLR Camera

2. Always Read The DSLR Camera Manual

Is there anyone who reads manuals? Well, if you are going to use the DSLR camera, you must read its manual. Yes, it’s boring, but reading a dslr camera guide helps you understand how to use the camera better. The sooner you learn how to operate it in full manual, the easier it will be for you to take great photographs.

3. Know How To Align Your Subject in The Best Spot

If you have ever noticed, most photographers take some time aligning the subject before taking a shot. Aligning a subject before taking a shot with your DSLR camera guide is essential. It aids in taking of great photos.

Feel free to move your subject and change angles.

4. Framing is Key To Taking Great Photos

When taking pictures with your DSLR camera, you should learn how to frame your photos. Framing is an essential aspect of photography. It guarantees whether a photo will look good or not. A poorly framed shot can look clumsy. With time, your eyes get used to how a good frame looks like.


5. Invest in a Quality Tripod Stand

Do you find it difficult to keep still when shooting? Then a DSLR camera tripod can be of great help. Using your DSLR built-in timer can help minimize the chances of you shaking the camera when it is on the tripod stand.

6. Familiarize Yourself with The DSLR Autofocus Capabilities

To take better photos with your DSLR, you need to understand the cameras autofocus capabilities. When you look through the lens, you will notice a couple of focus points the center one should be pointed directly towards the subject.


To lock on the focus, always push the button halfway in. During this period, you can recompose your shot if you want to. If the subject is at the center, you can be assured of a clear shot. This helps avoid the taking of blurry shots.

7. The Lighting

Similar to framing, lighting is equally important. It helps set the mood and improves the clarity of the photograph. Getting an external flash for your DSLR can help increase brightness at night or in dark areas.

The DSLR is an excellent camera, and you can use it to take amazing shots. The above tips will ensure that your photographs are crystal clear, concise and stunning. Also, learn how to change up the perspective of your photos.