Turquoise color : 3 Good Reasons to Wear It

Turquoise color

The turquoise color is considered one of the best colors in the fashion industry. It is a mixture of blue and green forming a perfect shade like that of “tropical waters” as seen on a clear afternoon. The color stems from the turquoise gemstone which has also been said to have many benefits. It is believed that the stone can protect the person wearing it from all the negative energy that may be surrounding that person. As such the color has been said to show peacefulness and emotional well-being. The turquoise color comes in different shades such as aquamarine, pale turquoise, bright turquoise and medium turquoise.

Reasons to wear it

It is unisex

Many times specific colors are attributes to a specific sex. For instance, pink is always perceived as a color for girls and blue for boys. As such, men are often frowned upon for wearing pink in many occasions. Finding a color that is considered appropriate is always important especially if one wants to make a fashion statement or when going for official business occasions.

Turquoise color 22

The turquoise color is great for both men and women because it gives them a wide range of colors to pick from. The colors range from almost blue to deep greenish blue. Men can go for the darker shades while women can wear lighter ones. You can choose a shade that reflects your personality.

It is easy to pair

One of the common fashion advice people usually get is to buy plain colored clothes that they can easily pair with other clothing items they already have. This is always a good way of saving money since it allows you get a different look with the same outfit thereby eliminating the need to go shopping. Turquoise color is one of the great colors to have in any wardrobe since it gives people unlimited options when it comes to wearing it. Pair your turquoise with a black or white color and get a simple yet classy outcome.



Wear it with a pink or lavender color and show your feminine side. When worn with a grey color, light brown color or a silver color it brings about a southwestern style. You can also pair your turquoise color with brighter colors like yellow and orange to get a fun and interesting outcome.

It is easy to accessorize

Finding the right accessories to match perfectly with the type of clothing one has is always a challenge for most people. The color blends well with metallic jewelry as well as silver ones and the native turquoise jewelry.

It also goes well with different types and colors of handbags, wallets and clutches. The color also makes it easier for people to wear makeup and shoes. For example, you can wear turquoise pants with a grey top and a luminous jacket to get a fun yet sophisticated look. Complete it by wearing teal eye-shadow and wearing some black heels.


Since turquoise is believed to bring good luck and drive away negative energy, it is also believed that wearing the color can light up a person’s mood. It is a cool color that can be matched appropriately to fit casual occasions as well as official ones.

Can you wear gold and silver jewelry together?

Can you wear gold and silver jewelry together?

The big Issue of blending Silver and Gold Jewelry in a Single Outfit – The answer is yes. We’re at a time in which style and fashion is so infinite that combining gold and silver has developed into an amazing trend. Being said, there’s a fine line between trendy and absurd. So with this in mind, you have to be certain that you blend your jewelry in the ideal way. It was a rule to not combine metals but that style law is finished! Here are a few tips on how to groom your jewelry that is mixed.

Does the mixed metal jewelry compliment your clothing?

When accessorizing your ensemble with mixed metal jewelry you should consider if it’s the proper kind of jewelry to your own outfit and event. By way of instance, can it be a daytime time, amazing kind of ensemble or have you been dressing off a nice and elegant evening gown?

Can you wear gold and silver jewelry together?

A day time seem can yield a milder, trendier and arbitrary fashion – For example, a monogram necklace blended with additional chunky chains could work good with a casual, more distinctive ensemble. But a particular evening appearance will require a more complicated, nicer twist. As soon as you’ve settled on the manner of jewelry you can then start to slice your silver and gold bracelets collectively. Among the most outstanding jewelries is the Italian Luxury Jewelry.

What are You Mixing?

When mixing silver and gold accessories that you only need to Concern yourself with bracelets, bracelets, earrings and rings. It’s not a fashion demand to think about your additional accessories, like shoes or handbags.

There’s not any need to stress and worry about it fitting the zip in your purse or the buckle onto your own sneakers. If anything, then this adds to the ‘mixing’ design and it should not compromise the entire appearance. You might even spend the engagement/wedding ring variable from the equation — that is no more a choice you need to make, we are living in a far freer world!

What to Avoid

It is essential that you adhere to mixing colors rather than styles. You have to look just like you’ve wondered what you’re doing rather than throwing any old item on. Yes trend has gotten a great deal more contemporary and unrestricted however we need to appear purposeful and trendy. Pooling various styles and distinct colors is not a go.

Have a Minimum of One Combined Piece

You have to make a decision on the colors of gold you want to combine together with your own silver. It’s ideal to have 2 colors – just one silver and a single tone of stone. For instance yellow silver and gold or gold rose silver and gold.

Rose Gold

You need to select 1 bit that’s combined inside itself of distinct metallic tones – that may take the advantage off somewhat so it’s simpler that you pick your other person bits. In addition, this method creates the book look far more organized.


Exotic pieces of different colors — Stack necklaces on Top of another, begin by the maximum and work your way upward into the shortest. Its okay if they float, allow them only fall naturally. Throw in a couple of golden bangles to a pair of silver and then blend up your own rings. The fun is unlimited with this new fad — you always have the option to dress a different appearance and a particular one in that.

5 Benefits of Buying Pre-loved Clothing


Pre-loved clothing are those clothes, jackets, bags and other accessories that have been already used by someone before and now are up for sale again, their prices are usually lower than when bought as brand new.

They always come with a very tantalizing offer that no one wishes to miss out on, this article will give you the 5 Benefits of Buying Pre-loved Clothing that will make you even want to get more of the pre-loved clothing.

Saves you money

Buying pre-loved items will not compromise the quality of the items. However, you will be in a position to enjoy the reduced prices of those items, be it clothes, designer second hand jackets, shoes or even bags; you will end up saving up to 50% of the actual price of the item.


You will also be able to get the best cloth brands at a lower price. However, people might think that pre-loved clothing compromises their hygiene, it is important to note that most pre-loved shops only accept clean donations and again rewash those donations with antibacterial detergents.


Getting yourself the pre-loved cloths is a good idea because it helps in environmental conservation. This means that you will be in a position to reuse someone else’s clothing that is in excellent condition which without you would have ended up in a dump site. Some people do away with their clothes because they are out of fashion or unfit for them, therefore getting these clothes would be great because they are still in good condition.

Failing to get them will only destroy our environment because some clothes are produced by using certain chemicals which a pose a very great danger to the air, water, and the earth, therefore buying used clothing can help us in reducing this impact.

Support the local business

By purchasing the pre-loved, your money will go straight to the local business that is in your area, and with this, you have supported them. This is great because some of those people that are in this business only depend on it to survive, unlike the millionaire designers who make a lot of money.


It is would, therefore, be great if you support the local business that is working very hard to recycle good items that could have been dumped perfectly. If you want to grow as a country, the key is to support the local businesses by pre-loved shopping; this can boost the economy and make it grow.

You will be unique

Going for pre-loved clothing will give you that opportunity to find clothing that is unique. Hence you will see that you have a dressing code that makes you stand out without putting so much effort.

You will also be able to have access to several different fashion styles and be able to afford more because of their lower price.

It is more ethical and humane.

Buying pre-loved clothes will not only help in saving the environment but also will help in reducing the exploitation of developing countries that are producing these clothes.

Pre-loved shopping is worth it. If you wished to start your pre-loved shopping, it would be nice if you first start with items like handbags, bracelets, jackets and other available accessories; this is because such items can be handy even if they are not good-looking.

Exporting Lightroom Presets and Templates


If you’re a new photographer, chances are you have a lot of photographs that you need to store and manage. Using Lightroom is an easy and intuitive way to catalog your images based on the metadata contained within the picture, and features the additional ability to edit and process your shots.

However, when buying a new computer on which you want to perform your photo-editing, knowing how to transfer your Lightroom templates and presets means that you don’t have to start from scratch all over again. Here, we take you through a guide on how to export your Lightroom presets and templates.

Make sure you have everything you need

Using presets might be new a new concept to the budding photographer. However, the best lightroom plugins will allow you to edit your photographs in post, allowing you to transform them into masterpieces with little editing know-how on your part.


Before you get set up on your new workstation and import your existing Lightroom presets, you need to make sure that you have everything you need to complete the task. The first step is to get Lightroom installed and setup on the new machine, which should be as simple as the first time you did it. Then, be sure to have a USB drive that has enough storage to transfer your presets, or use a cloud storage solution if that is more convenient for you.

Export manually

Exporting your presets manually may take a little effort, but you will benefit from the experience of knowing how to access your files without the use of specialist software. find out where your presets are stored.

To do this, open up the Develop Module, then right click on the presets you are interested in exporting from the drop down list.

An option called “Show in Explorer” or “Show in Finder” should appear, which will open up your preset folder in your computer’s file manager. You can simply copy the containing folder onto your portable or cloud storage, and import them into your new Lightroom installation.



You can also access this folder easily using Lightroom’s preferences interface. Switch to the “Presets” tab within the preferences window, and find the button labeled “Show Lightroom Presets Folder.” Clicking this button will take you directly to the location of your saved presets and templates, allowing you to copy the files manually to your storage.

Export presets and templates one by one

As an alternative to finding the presets files on your computer system, you can instead export the presets from within Lightroom. Using the same menu when you right click on a preset from within the Develop Module drop down list, click on the “Export” option.

You can then save the preset on your external or cloud storage device, ready for import into your new Lightroom installation.

This allows you to work on a one-by-one basis, so that you can leave behind any presets that you don’t like or use regularly, freeing up your new system from unwanted clutter and giving you extra storage space for your images.

Export presets and templates with your catalog

It might be more convenient for you to store your presets within your catalog of images. This allows you to separate your presets depending on the type of images they are optimized for. To do this, open up the preferences and switch to the “Presets” tab as we described above, and check the box labeled “Store presets with catalog.” When you save your catalog, the presets will be embedded within the save file and will open when you load your catalog to your new computer.


If you want to work on more than one computer, or you’ve bought a brand new computer for which you are going to use for editing and processing your photographs, learning how to export your presets from Lightroom is essential. Not only can you retain all of your editing settings, but you can maintain the interface that you’ve gotten comfortable with using. There are many options for efficiently transferring your Lightroom presets, and by using our guide, you will find one that works for your level of experience.

How to Take Good Photos Using a DSLR?


Do you own a DSLR camera and at times feel that you aren’t using it to its full potential? Well, this is quite common, especially if you are new to photography. A DSLR camera can help you take marvelous shots. You just have to know how to use it well. The moment you learn how to incorporate the key features of the DSLR and the basic photography skills, you will be ready to go. Below are tips on how to take good photos using a DSLR?

1. Clean The Camera Lens

The reason why dots and smears are appearing on your shots is because your DSLR lens are dirty. Despite most DSLR cameras having automatic sensors, dirt can always find its way onto the lens. The best way to deal with this is by buying a lens cloth that will help you remove this dirt. Make it an effort always to keep the lens clean.

Entry-level DSLR Camera

2. Always Read The DSLR Camera Manual

Is there anyone who reads manuals? Well, if you are going to use the DSLR camera, you must read its manual. Yes, it’s boring, but reading a dslr camera guide helps you understand how to use the camera better. The sooner you learn how to operate it in full manual, the easier it will be for you to take great photographs.

3. Know How To Align Your Subject in The Best Spot

If you have ever noticed, most photographers take some time aligning the subject before taking a shot. Aligning a subject before taking a shot with your DSLR camera guide is essential. It aids in taking of great photos.

Feel free to move your subject and change angles.

4. Framing is Key To Taking Great Photos

When taking pictures with your DSLR camera, you should learn how to frame your photos. Framing is an essential aspect of photography. It guarantees whether a photo will look good or not. A poorly framed shot can look clumsy. With time, your eyes get used to how a good frame looks like.


5. Invest in a Quality Tripod Stand

Do you find it difficult to keep still when shooting? Then a DSLR camera tripod can be of great help. Using your DSLR built-in timer can help minimize the chances of you shaking the camera when it is on the tripod stand.

6. Familiarize Yourself with The DSLR Autofocus Capabilities

To take better photos with your DSLR, you need to understand the cameras autofocus capabilities. When you look through the lens, you will notice a couple of focus points the center one should be pointed directly towards the subject.


To lock on the focus, always push the button halfway in. During this period, you can recompose your shot if you want to. If the subject is at the center, you can be assured of a clear shot. This helps avoid the taking of blurry shots.

7. The Lighting

Similar to framing, lighting is equally important. It helps set the mood and improves the clarity of the photograph. Getting an external flash for your DSLR can help increase brightness at night or in dark areas.

The DSLR is an excellent camera, and you can use it to take amazing shots. The above tips will ensure that your photographs are crystal clear, concise and stunning. Also, learn how to change up the perspective of your photos.

Best Athletics Shoes for Workout


It is one thing to decide to go for a workout and another to have the best workout shoes. No matter how many times you hit the gym and how many hours you train, having a pair of good shoes will contribute so much to your goals. So whether you want to get in shape or you want to exercise for strong muscles, start by getting yourself a good pair of gym shoes.

More often than not, many people work out in running shoes, which can be okay. But for someone who is serious about getting fit and staying injury free, you will probably want to have specific workout shoes. In fact, experts advise that you own two different pairs if your workouts are regular so that you can air them out in between the gym. Nevertheless, here are our top picks for the best athletic shoes for training.

1. New Balance Minimus 40

Top on our list is this shoe that is perfect for all workouts. You can use it on the treadmill, the weight room and in aerobics as well. It features an extremely comfortable and well-compressed midsole that allows you to bounce back and leave your body as opposed to your feet.

New Balance Minimus 40

New Balance has been in the market for more than a century. So you be rest assured that their shoes are worth recommending. The shoes offer a good grip and stability as well as energy return during your workouts.

2. Reebox Flexweave Fast

Ask anybody how they feel about Reebok shoes, and the answer will be “they are one of the best shoes in the market.” This model offers breathability, stability and a good grip. It is lightweight which allows sprinters and runners maximum productivity.

Plus, whether you are using it on a Woodway treadmill or a weightlifting room, this pair will perform admirably. Additionally, the flexible upper bends in an effort to match the natural movement of your feet during jumping and calf raise.

3. Saucony Kinvara 9 Everun

If you are solemnly devoted to running on the treadmill, this shoe will be the best for you. Most treadmill decks have extra cushioning, so the last thing you will need is that, that offers cushioning again.

Saucony Kinvara 9 Everun


Why? Too much cushion on the treadmill and cushion on your feet equals to a vague feel. So get this shoe that does not come with extra cushioning hence enabling you to stabilize quickly while you are on the run. Plus, they are also lightweight and thin therefore making it easier for you to workout in them.

4. Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

The Nike brand is the ultimate one in comfortable trainers. With the Air Monarch IV, your workouts will be less strenuous. You can go with it for that spin class, lift more weight than you did last week, sprint on a treadmill and the shoe will admirably perform. It comes with a comfortable fit and provides excellent stability. With this pair, you can maximize your movement since it features different width options. Plus, these shoes are durable.

A good shoe ensures that you remain comfortable during the training and hence productive. Working out with the wrong pair can not only disorient you but can cause your feet to have blisters and bring about other injuries. For athletes looking for good shoes, the above are our top picks, and we are confident that they will keep you functional during the training process since they offer comfort.

How To Find Open Casting Calls & Fashion Auditions


On the outside looking in, fashion seems like a world where everyone is connected and must be in the know. In a lot of ways, it is. The fashion world does run on a “who do you know” system. It’s best to have inside connections and people that you’ve networked with to give you information. You’ll have an easier time booking jobs and getting opportunities by being known in this world However, if you’re a nobody looking to break in to this world it is not impossible. You can become somebody. With the right amount of dedication and research you can become a part of the fashion world. You just need to advocate for yourself.

AuditionIn today’s time, the age of technology, finding things has become so much easier. Technology has made the fashion world so much more accessible. Grab your device of choice and commit to researching calls and auditions.

Backstage.com is the perfect website to find auditions. They show all types of modeling calls for professional fashion, fitness, commercial and plus size models. The details for each posting has the age and look that the host is going for, whether it is union on non-union and of course, if it is paid or not.

Event Bright is often filled with open calls and audition opportunities for models. Some of these require you to register. Some are posted to simply give a time and date. It seems as if most Event Bright opportunities give a lot more information about their events than the ones on Backstage. Before you go make sure that the location is somewhere reputable.

Fashion-auditionAs said earlier, the age of technology is really revolutionizing things and making things easier. You can now audition virtually! These proposals are often found on Event Bright. However, you can go to google and type in “virtual model audition”. Before you send photos or videos of yourself, try to make sure that the person, agency or company that has posted this opportunity is legitimate.

Modeling agencies often hold open calls for aspiring models for a few hours each week. However, if you don’t live near a major fashion area, this can be difficult. If you are able to do one of these walk-ins make sure that you take proof of your best work and arrive alone.

When you go to these auditions and open calls you want to make sure that you are dressed appropriately, polite and on time. To dress properly, dress as simple as possible. This is not the time to wear your brightest, loudest outfit. It is best to arrive a little early, waiting until the last minute will not give you good results. Remember to be confident, you will do fine. A no won’t be the end of the world either, you’ll just have to keep trying.

The search for open calls and auditions is easier now more than ever. You just need to put forth the effort and put in the time to secure an opportunity for yourself.

What To Wear In New Orleans


New Orleans, Louisiana is known for its colors, music, food and people. This is a travel destination that finds itself high on a lot of lists. New Orleans is in the southern region of the United States and stays warm for majority of the year. The lowest annual temperature is on average 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a place that is best to visit year round, regardless of the events going on, based off the food and culture alone.

When you go to New Orleans it is in your best interest to put your best fashion forward. This city is picturesque and when you’re walking down memory lane (flipping through your phone gallery), you’ll want to looks as good as the background, if not better.

New-OrleansIf you are visiting during the summer, you’ll want to have clothing that won’t smother you. New Orleans summers can get scorching hot. The ideal clothing items you’ll need to pack will be long flowing dresses, flowy tops, linen pants, sandals and sun hats. If you really want to stand out, find comfort in patterns and bright colors. Simple clothing, too keep you cool from the weather paired with statement pieces will photograph well. If you want affordable options for all of these suggestions, target’s clothing section is stylish and budget friendly. Zara is an affordable to mid-range price point, retailer that has fabulous items to select from.

If you’re visiting New Orleans during Mardi Gras, which typically takes place in February, you’ll want to dress comfortably. It will be a safe choice to pack some outerwear, as it can be slightly chilly or the night can get cold, depending on your tolerances for temperature changes. Purple, green and gold is perfect during this time as these colors are prevalent during the holiday celebration. Loose fitting trousers and comfortable shoes will be great for celebrating the holiday in style. For shoes that don’t sacrifice style for comfort, Nordstrom has a nice selection.

WInter-outfitIf you have trouble piecing outfits together and need visual inspiration, Pinterest is your best friend. Consider making a board that pieces together the style that you’re going for. Best of all, when you see things that you like on Pinterest, you can click the photos and be directed to where you can buy it.

Style blogger, Finding Paola (@findingpaola), really dressed like she was in a magazine while she vacationed in New Orleans. As we suggested earlier, she wore bold colors, statement jewelry and of course, sandals. She embodied the tips that we given in this article. If you aren’t a fan of Paola’s style, Aimee Song (@songofstyle) is a popular fashion influencer, however it is uncertain if she has been to New Orleans.

The most important thing to wear while you are in New Orleans is clothing and footwear that keeps you comfortable. After all, you’ll be doing plenty of exploring around the majestic city of New Orleans.