How to Use Contrast in Fashion Photography

black and white photography

“How to use color in fashion photography” is a frequently asked question by both amateurs and professionals.

A lot of people have tried to use color in their photographs, either to enhance the subject or to provide it with a certain drama, but most of them end up being unsatisfied with the result. The reason for this is not all photographers are aware of the limitations of color. Color can be used to great effect in certain circumstances but when it is not appropriate the result is usually very disappointing. This article will show you how to use color correctly in fashion photography.

Can be dynamic

Before we move on, it is important to point out that color photos are not made equal. Black and white photos can be highly dynamic and can convey a lot of information through their pictures. On the other hand, color photos do not have that advantage. Color photos can have the same drama as black and white photos but they cannot convey the same versatility and options. This is why color photos should only be used to enhance the beauty of the models or clothes and never to hide or disguise the models’ flaws.

Keep contrast low

So, how do you use color in your photos to make them more effective? Most professional photographers will agree that you should keep the contrast low. As a rule of thumb, try to avoid having your pictures colorized beyond a medium-contrast with the base tone of the photograph. If you need to bring out a specific shade of color in the background, then you can use highlights with your contrast level way too low.

If you are going for an interesting effect, then use black and white images. However, keep in mind that the contrast should be quite low. In general, pure black is not suitable for fashion photographs because it makes everything too dark. Pure white, however, can work if you let yourself be carried away with the colors.

Use grey color

You can also go for a gray-shade appearance if you have a very dark background. Grey-shaded images offer an interesting effect that is similar to what you get when you put on black-and-white film. You may find it a bit monotonous at first because gray is hard to capture naturally in photos. You can experiment with different shades of grey and see which ones look the best. The color will usually stand out against the background so it will not distract from the photo.

Play with contrast

Another way to use color in your photographs to make them more impactful is to play with contrast. You can use black and white images as much as possible. You can add highlights in black and white and this will really add to the dynamic range of the image. Yet, you should keep in mind that highlighting a single color will tend to make everything else in the image become less noticeable. Also, make sure that you don’t just use black and white to fill up every frame in your image. You can add texture and depth by playing with colors or you can even use multiple colors.

If you are going to use color in a fashion photo, make sure that you don’t do it too excessively. There is nothing worse than seeing a huge splash of blue in a photo. This will distract from your photo and from the viewer. Balance is important so don’t overdo it. A little splashing here and there is far better than having a sea of blue.


Your goal with your photography is to take beautiful pictures. The only way that you will achieve that goal is by knowing how to use color effectively in your photographs. Don’t be afraid to try new things and to explore different colors. The end result will certainly be worth it.

Why Do We Love Black And White Photography?

Photography is an art. Just like paintings and other forms of art, he takes a passionate artist so that he can take a beautiful picture that evokes the viewer’s imagination. Young photographers should learn some photography tips that will help them capture the most beautiful and meaningful picture. Black and white photography can be considered the most exciting and emotional form of art. A colorless image can give a completely new meaning to the image. Also, the image may also look more elegant and more elegant.

As a photographer aiming to get the best black and white photography tips focus on visual contrast, lighting, and composition. It is also important to find a wonderful theme that involves a great meaning that makes viewers appreciate the art of photography.

As an artist, the photographer must also have the eye for great subjects that will give the artwork a good image. You can get an optical contrast by putting a dark key feature next to the light color feature in the image, or you can use that negative space to create a model.


Black and white photography can be considered very simple. However, simplicity is the origin of elegance and romance. This is why we can often notice that black and white photos are usually romantic themes. Weddings, landfills and even random stolen shots in the park are wonderful for black and white photography because there is a lot of drama and romance in these settings.

In the current generation, we can hardly see images in black and white because most photographers and viewers now appreciate more color images. Most cameras are used today to capture color images. But because of the advent of technology today, we can convert color images to black and white images while maintaining their quality.


One of the images in converting color images to black and white is to participate in digital photography. In this way, it will be very appropriate to improve the exciting elements of the image through conversion and digital editing. If you are using a DSLR camera, it is recommended that you adjust the camera settings for monochrome mode and save the image in JPEG format.

To achieve good black and white photos interesting, the photographer should focus on shapes and lines.

These are the basic elements that refer to the form of the subject. Fonts and shapes, especially when we take pictures of people’s faces, help the viewer understand the emotions and drama behind the faces of viewers. Fabric should also be considered in taking pictures. The texture enhances the beauty of the picture in black and white making it very classic and elegant.


Another important lesson that we need to understand in the black and also white photography tips we read about lighting and shading. Lights and shadows usually have psychological effects on viewers. Dark lighting usually refers to a deep meaning on the image and this subject. There are a lot of tips that talented photographers must learn so that they can capture an event or event that has artistic value. A young photographer must master black and white photography first before he can take pictures that speak a thousand words.

Boudoir Photography Secrets: 5 Tips For Tasteful Boudoir


When clients come to you for photography sessions, they discernibly always expect the most from your services as the photographer. Though most of the preparations and adjustments are mainly focused on the client individually, there are some things too on your side that ought to be handled. Both the client and you, are responsible for a successful session.

First of all, it would be smart if you identify some of the strategies behind having successful sessions with your client. You might achieve better results if you start involving them in your plan immediately after they book a session. You can do this by maybe providing a printout containing some guidance and tips to help them adjust appropriately.

Here, we have revealed some secrets that will help a woman achieve excellent outcomes from that camera and the boudoir photographer they choose. A creatively and competently photographed boudoir can turn out to be sensational and provide the most magnificent experience.

1. Make appropriate preparations

Before getting involved in a photography session, ensure that you find an experienced hair stylist who will skillfully fix your hair. A makeup artist will also be helpful in this case; you have to be presentable so work towards enhancing your looks.


Ensure that the room where the photography will take place is well furnished. White sheets or any other preferred color of the sheets and the wall paint should be spread some few hours before the action. Working out in the morning of the photography day does help as well. Your muscles will appear a little more relaxed and brighter during the session later.

2. Find the best photographer

Most photographers who are experienced will tend to be more creative and skillful. Therefore, ensure that you choose a qualified photographer and who has been in the field for quite a considerable period.

Ensure that you heed to the instructions the photographer gives you; a successful nude photography is determined by how accurately you follow the photographer’s guidelines.

3. Communicate with the photographer regularly

Either before the day or while the session is ongoing, do not just pose and sit there without communicating with your photographer. After booking for a session, the boudoir photographer will most likely provide you with their contact info; so, let them know your progress on various preparations activities. Even while shooting, talk to them to avoid tense moments.

4. Explore various postures

There is what would make a photo look elegant and attractive, and that would be your pose ideas plus how you implement them. Do some lite research on various poses while you may practice some of them out a few days before the photography. Remember that even though the photographer may give some guidance on the same, they always shoot from your perception.

Hot Woman

5. Perfect lighting in the room

With the help of your photographer, you should establish the most suitable types of light bulbs to use and the ideal light shades for the occasion. You might even consider a room that is naturally lit though light modifiers might be helpful in places where light is not enough.


A tasteful boudoir depends on several other factors as well. After thoughtful consideration, you should be capable of settling for the best service provider. Things such as the cost of the session and whether there are retouching available may determine the photographer you will select. What matters most is whether after the session you will have attained what you wished for. Whether it offered a beautiful experience or not, with a supportive photographer or not. If these desires can be satisfied, then the session must be a breathtaking one.

Why Is Sustainable Fashion So Expensive


In this 21st century, the cases of pollution are on the rise and humans are urged to incorporate sustainability in their everyday lives. Over the last few years, we have been encouraged to consume less, cut down and even become sensitive to the materials we use. One of the steps towards sustainability is embracing environmentally friendly clothing brands.

However, this is not possible because sustainable fashion is so expensive. But why is it costly when we are encouraged to embrace it? Let’s find out.

The cost of fabric

Sustainable fabrics come from animals and plants. They are farmed just like food crops and therefore cost more than synthetic materials which are basically made of chemicals. Sustainable materials are farmed in sustainable practices such as limiting pesticide use and proper disposal of wastewater, an activity that involves paying weavers and farmers at a fair price.

When these factors are combined, they make sustainable fashion expensive. If you’d wish to make your own clothing, hop over to this website for affordable fabrics.

The cost of labour

Every piece of clothing you see involves human labour. Most people argue that sustainable clothing is made using a sewing machine, but the truth is that someone uses that machine to make the clothes you so much admire, and how they’re paid influence the cost of apparels.


Sewing facilities used to make sustainable clothing pay their employees handsomely and provide other important human rights like bathroom breaks, rights to unionize, safe working environment and recommended working hours, all of which increase the cost of sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion is a niche market

As people become conscious about the environment, the popularity of sustainable fashion continues to grow. Surprisingly, it is still a niche industry.

The more demand there is for a specific service or product, the more competitive it becomes meaning that manufacturers reduce the price to attract customers and sell in high volumes. But, sustainable brands are less demanded and therefore, manufacturers produce them in low quantities and thus sell at high prices.

How to Choose the Right Lipstick for You?

different color lipsticks on table

Choosing lipstick can be a tricky process. Have you ever tried in vain or had a bad experience in searching for the color of lipstick that fits you perfectly? Try out these 16 tips on how to choose a lipstick shade for yourself and you’ll become more confident in choosing any lipstick. It is important to choose lipstick shade according to the occasion. Here are the tips:

Cool Undertone

Choose a neutral undertone as your lipstick color. Warm, pink, orange, red, and even purple undertones can look great for special occasions like prom nights, dinner parties, etc. However, if you are looking for everyday wear, a cool undertone works best. So how do you identify which undertone is for you? An easy way is to figure out whether you have warm or cool undertones based on the colors of your skin: if your skin tones are warm, then a cool undertone would be perfect for you, while if you have cool undertones, the warm color would be perfect.

lipsticks in a glass

Warm Colors

Stay with light-colored shades like pink, peach, yellow, and coral for everyday wear, or choose dark shades of brown, burgundy, or charcoal for those night-outs. For daytime wear and casual events, go for bright colors such as red, orange, and teal. But if you want to wear your lipstick according to your outfit, it is best to choose neutral shades like bronze, brown, and green.

lipsticks on table

Makeup Basics

It is important to know how to choose a shade of lipstick first before you purchase any makeup. To begin with, determine the function of your lips. Different lip colors work for different purposes. For instance, white is best for creating a sheer, out appearance, whereas a dark pink would look great for creating a more dramatic effect. If you want a hint of color on your lips, then wear a small amount of blush on top.

Lipstick Blush

Before you choose your lipsticks, apply some blush on your cheeks. Doing this will help in creating the right intensity of color on your cheeks. You can also try out lighter shades like baby blue or mauve for daytime wear, and darker shades like charcoal or black for nighttime wear. Your eyes may also be suited to light and neutral shades for a seamless look.

a girl holding a lip-balm

Lip Balm

The next step is to choose your lip balm. If you are going to stay outside in cold weather, then choose waterproof lip balm, which is suitable for water-based lip makeup. For those who are more concerned about lasting freshness, then opt for a lip balm that stays for hours but dries instantly. You can also choose between a neutral balm and one that has a hint of color, such as pinks, reds, and gold-toned balms.

As you can see

It is easy to choose the best lipstick based on your skin color and your personal preferences. The most important thing to remember when choosing makeup is that you must not choose something that will leave you with a sunburn. It is also important to choose the makeup that will last for the duration of the day and will not aggravate your allergies. Remember that when you are wearing makeup, you should always make sure that you look like you are at the top of your game, which means that you should always ensure that your makeup is easy to clean, and does not smear or look clogged. So, always choose the best makeup according to your skin color.

Top 3 Timeless Fashion Pieces

Do you have a beautiful little black dress in your closet but don’t know where to put it? You’re not alone! Millions of women around the world own a little black dress or a pair of designer jeans that they feel like wearing at all times. In fact, many women own several items of clothing that they feel they can make a fashion statement with. But if you’re like most women and you haven’t ventured out into the world of trendy fashion yet, here are a few timeless pieces of women’s fashion that you should consider wearing.

The Little Black Dress

This timeless fashion piece is definitely a must-have. There are some timeless pieces of clothing that are just as timeless and will always still be fashionable, too. The Little Black Dress has been worn by many styles of women throughout the ages, from Victorian women to 1920s fashion models and more, and it has been made popular by Coco Chanel. If you feel like making a bold fashion statement with a piece of clothing that is classic and stylish, you need to look no further than your Little Black Dress!

a woman in little black dress

The Trench Coat

These timeless fashion pieces are great for both work and play. You can easily turn a casual office outfit into a chic, sophisticated evening dress with a trench coat! A trench coat is a great option for workwear, especially when paired with a simple black or navy blouse. When paired with evening gowns, the trench coat makes a striking yet simple addition to any woman’s closet.

a woman in beige trenchcoat


Earrings/pendant sets the timeless fashion pieces that you own in your wardrobe should never be overlooked. If you have a great necklace or pair of earrings that you love to wear, why not add them to your jewelry box? If you have more than one piece of jewelry that you love, such as bracelets or a brooch, then you may want to consider having them match. Whether you are dressing for work or for a night on the town, adding a few simple earrings and a necklace will update your overall look and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit in your closet.

three pairs of earrings


Nothing goes better with a little black dress than a new pair of shoes, especially if you have a versatile pair that you can transition from winter to spring with. You don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money to update your wardrobe with elegant footwear. Simple, elegant leather shoes are always in style, so feel free to add them to your collection. Or, if you don’t like leather, you can always opt for a nice pair of pumps that you can slip over your boots or a pair of sneakers that will make a statement when you put them on. There are endless fashion trends for women today, so no matter what your budget may be, there is a shoe style that is just right for you.

a pair of women shoes


Earrings, necklaces, belts, and other timeless fashion pieces are a great way to jazz up your wardrobe without spending a fortune on trendy clothes. For example, a funky charm bracelet can be added to your ensemble when you accessorize with a little black dress, and adding simple earrings or a fashionable necklace will instantly update your look. So, make Timeless Fashion Pieces a part of your daily routine, and be sure to check back often to see what new styles are hitting the fashion scene this season.

Will My Nose Tip Drop After Rhinoplasty

Will My Nose Tip Drop After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an intricate operation that requires imaginations from the surgeon, a game plan that’s based on the expected changes and, more importantly, a deep knowledge of the possible consequences of every surgical maneuver. That’s why rhinoplasty has a reputation for being both complex and risky.

“Dropped tip” or the nose tip reclining well below the natural profile of the nose is one of the common disappointments that follows a nose job.

Reasons why the nose tip could drop

1. Dropped Tip is predictable and will occur if it is not prevented

The Dropped Tip is will occur if the surgeon fails to design the tip in consideration of an array of factors. For instance, every experienced rhinoplasty surgeon knows that the tip tends to undergo contraction during the postoperative period.


Secondly, contractile forces and the forces of gravity will exert a downward pull on the incisions during the postoperative period and cause the tip to drop. Therefore, when conducting a nose tip lift, the surgeon must anticipate these changes and place the tip in a slightly raised position to the nasal profile.

If the surgeon fails to consider these core factors, the Dropped Tip will certainly occur in a matter of a few years.

2. The tip cartilage is too weak to hold the tip and the surgeon didn’t take it into account

Sometimes the remainder of the cartilage could prove to be too weak to hold the new tip. Think of it as weakened load-bearing columns that should support the wall of a building, the roof will simply sag and tumble down. If the surgeon fails to take into account the strength of the remaining cartilage, the Dropped Tip will certainly occur.

3. Healing contraction and tightening


This is the causative factor of the Dropped Tip that is the hardest to prevent. The Dropped Tip can occur when the swelling subsides and the tissues start to weld together and regain the natural profile. The surgeon must consider these changes when performing the surgery or else a Dropped Tip will occur.

What Is The Best Homemade Jewelry Cleaner


Your jewelry can quickly lose its shape and shine due to some tear, oils or even dirt. You may think of taking your jewelry for thorough cleaning in those jewelry stores but do you know that you can even clean it yourself using some homemade cleaners? We have highlighted some of the best homemade cleaners to help you clean your jewelry.

1. Dish soap soak

Cleaning jewelry

This is an ideal solution to clean your wedding rings, necklaces or even other jewelry. All you need is simply a large bowl of some warm water, dish soap, soft toothbrush and lift free clothing. You can then begin the preparation procedures once all ingredients are in place.

•Squirt some amount of dish soap into the warm water and soak all the jewelry into the solution for about 30 minutes.

•After that can lightly brush away the dirt on the jewelry with the soft toothbrush. Once the jewelry are clean, you can rinse them in some warm water before drying them with the lift free clothing. Also check this site out for more information on these homemade cleaners.

2. Cleaning using a baking soda solution

The baking soda solution is also a great option to think of if you need to clean your silver or golden jewelries. With this cleaning method you need a mixing bowl, baking soda, some warm water and a soft toothbrush. If you have everything in place, you can now mix the baking soda in the bowl and immediately put all the jewelries in the solution. You can leave them to soak for about 15 to 20 minutes before you scrub off the dirt using the soft toothbrush. After that, you can now rinse the jewelries in the warm water and then dry them with the sift free cloth.

Professional jewellery cleaning

These homemade cleaners will help you clean your rings and other jewelry only at a small cost. However, these procedures will not prevent further damages on your rings; you will need to remove them while applying lotions or even taking showers.

What Every Bodybuilder Needs


Executive bodybuilders have a number of essential things that every bodybuilder will require during his/her exercise.

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Bodybuilding is an exercise that works with time, and so if your gym room lacks a watch and especially one with a second hand, then a watch is a must requirement. Also, some bodybuilding exercises are straining to turn and check the time, and so you will require a watch next to you. You also need a watch to time your breaks and the proper time per each exercise session.

Source of music


Music is a good source of motivation and helps in minding your own business. A gym place is not a place of chatting and talking, and so music is a good company to help you push those heavy lifts.

A journal

A journal is an important item for bodybuilders and needs to carry with them every time they are going to the gym. A journal helps keep a record of what or which type of exercise you engaged in, during the previous visit. Man is to error, and so forgetting what you did last is very normal.

Bodybuilding involves a number of different types of exercise, and cannot be accomplished in one day, and so keeping track of what you do is an important step.

Your pre-workout supplement

Body Building

Every bodybuilder must pack with him/her a pre-workout food. A pre-workout supplement may be different from one bodybuilder to the other. This is because different pre-workout have different uses. Some are used for improving mental focus, energy-boosting or delayed onset of fatigue.

Your after-workout supplement

Your post-workout shake for consumption is another thing that every bodybuilder should have in their bags. A post-workout shake should consist of protein powder for quick absorption and some carbohydrate for body energy boosting. For a bodybuilder who is in need of building muscle mass then a high glycemic carbohydrate is a must requirement.

How Do You Pick The Best Diamond


If you strode into a jewelry store or any diamond dealer’s premises, you would be overwhelmed with the variety of diamonds available – solitaire diamond, chocolate diamond ring (which are held by a sophisticated setting below them), 3-stone diamond, princess cut diamond ring, etc. How do you choose the best diamond ? click here now

1. Firstly, decide on the shape of the diamond – how should your diamond look like? If you haven’t decided yet, and you just don’t have a decision to make, you can settle on princes cut or round diamond. They are default shapes anybody would choose and never regret.


2. Set the minimum carat weight of your choice or any that matches the recipient’s preferences. If your whole heart is on a 1-carat diamond then even the most beautiful ½ carat stone would be a disappointment.

3. Decide on the diamond’s color. The diamond’s color influences its sparkle and brilliance. In nature, diamonds exist in all imaginable colors and hues.

Contrary to what many people believe, it is incredibly rare to find a colorless diamond. Most of the diamonds you would meet at the jewelry store progress from icy white, near colorless, faint yellow, very light yellow, to light yellow. White diamonds possess better reflective qualities than colored types whose colors often affect their sparkle. You can choose any diamond that matches your needs and desires – blue, orange, red, etc.

Diamond Ring

4. How clear should your diamond be? First, you need to understand that the clarity of the diamond is the qualitative assessment of its flaws.

Flaws are placed into two categories; inclusions (internal flaws such as crystals and pinpoints) and blemishes (external flaws such as chips and scratches) – every piece of diamond, flawed or not, will remain pricey at the end of the day. As you would expect, the clarity of the diamond diminishes with the number of flaws present.

Bottom line

Always consider the four 4 Cs when choosing the best diamond: Cut (or shape), Color, Clarity, and Carat. You may consider other personal preferences as well. Best diamonds come in the lightest colors and high clarity. The choice of carat and cut will depend on your personal preferences.