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Jul 30

How Do You Ace An Interview With Confidence

By Amelia Hamilton | Fashion

You worked on your resume, spent several hours sending it out, and luckily, you’ve been called for an interview. You thought no one would reply to your application, but someone replied and even invited you to an interview. You’re done with the hardest part, right? Wrong! The interview which you’re due to attend is a crucial part, and it can give you the job or not.

However, just because it’s vital doesn’t mean you can’t perform excellently and land the job. Here are some tips to ace your interview with confidence.

Your Responses Should Be Clear and Concise

When the interviewer asks you a question, try as much as possible to give a specific answer. I know you may want to reinforce your answer with other information, but talking too much can make you drift away. If you talk too much, your answer may lose meaning, and the interviewer may end up bored.


Give a clear answer, which will prompt them to ask another question. When another question comes, answer the same way. This will make the interview look like a conversation, and it will boost your confidence. Visit Website to get more information about this topic

Show Passion For What You Do

When you’re in the interview, don’t be afraid to show your passion. When the interviewers see that you’re enthusiastic, they may get excited and connect to you in ways you never imagined.

They’ll be able to recognize your strengths better, and this can work to your advantage. However, if you’re not passionate about the job you had applied for, the interviewers may think that you have another better option.

Show Your Boldness and Authenticity

We are all unique in different ways. By showing your authenticity during the interview, you’ll show who you really are, which will translate to more confidence. You got the interview because you had most of the requirements they were looking for. During this face-to-face session, they may only want to see if your attitude and personality are a good fit. Therefore, be you and shine.

Talk about Your Strengths Clearly

Do you know which areas you’re good at? Most people don’t know their strengths, and this is one thing that many interviewers want to know. If you know your strengths and can articulate them clearly, your confidence will show and increase your chances of getting the job.


An interview doesn’t have to be hard; use the above tips to ace it with confidence. Don’t forget to dress appropriately, maintain eye contact, and ask for clarification where needed.

Jul 29

Sustainability Is Good Business For Fashion

By Amelia Hamilton | Fashion

As a human being, you probably know that sustainability, as well as social practices, are suitable for the excellent working environment. And as we can also see, sustainability has also become a good thing for the fashion industry. A considerable percentage of the fashion industry have significantly improved their environmental performance.

You can click to read more, and this will make you realize how sustainability has also been taken to the Board room, it is now affecting decisions made in the boardroom.

This shows how the fashion industry is becoming more sustainable as the days go by.

Even though a huge percentage has chosen to go sustainable, the remaining one-third of the fashion industry is yet to involve themselves with sustainability. Sustainability is growing even stronger due to the fact that it beings in lore profits to the fashion industry.


With sustainability, the fashion industry is producing environmentally friendly clothing. These are clothes that were worn by basically anyone. It downstairs matter whether you have allegory or not, they cater to people of all needs.

If you are in the fashion industry and you are among the one-third of the fashion industry that has not yet embarked on the sustainable fashion, then it is high time you consider joining the rest in this journey.

There is nothing as exciting as sustainable fashion; there is always something in it; you find out this from your customers. The joy they find in using the sustainable company will mesmerize you.


As it is, many companies in the fashion industry have taken this angle, and being left out should not be on your vocabulary, therefore, as a person working in the fashion industry, this is the time to make this business go environmentally friendly and be included in the 75% of the fashion industry.

Jun 30

How Do You Use Accessories For Clothes?

By Amelia Hamilton | Fashion

Accessories are the items that contribute to the final look for an outfit. Examples of accessories include handbags, earrings, rings, scarfs, makeup, shoes, among many other items. Accessories are used to bring out or enhance your style, taste, and preferences. They come in different colors, shapes, texture, and size. Accessories are an essential detail that complete your overall appearance.

However, you cannot throw in everything together in a single outfit. There are a few steps one needs to consider before picking accessories for your favorite outfit. They include:

1. Pair bold accessories with a more simple outfit.


If you want your accessories to stand out, then ensure that your outfit is simple yet fashionable. You don’t want it to seem like your accessories and outfit are at war. For example, you have a statement diamond necklace or earrings, and you want these beauties to stand out; therefore, a simple outfit will be perfect for bold accessories.

2. Avoid being too ‘matchy.’

Being too ‘matchy’ is not flattering at all. When you are matchy-matchy, there is too much repetition of color or texture. It makes your outfit look repetitive, overdone, and monotonous.

Your accessories pieces should work together and not against one another. Add a pop of different color to break the pattern. The accessories should work and relate with one another but at the same time, be distinct.

3. Choose items that enhance your features.

What are your favorite features? You always want these features to stand out more so that people don’t notice areas you think are not your ‘best’. Is it your neck? Try to put your hair up and put on that bold necklace to bring attention to your neck. Do you have long, gorgeous legs? Get a pair of shoe that speaks volume about your legs.

4. Balance the size of the accessories pieces.

Blend the size of your accessories for them to coordinate. You should, for example, not wear a large necklace and large earrings, or a huge ring and large bracelets. browse this site for more information about getting the right size for your accessories.

5. Wear a few items at a time.


Accessories are meant to compliment your look and not make you look like a clown. In fashion, simplicity is everything. Yes, you have beautiful accessories but wearing them all at the same time will be like creating a hurricane!

6. Wear items that complement the color of your outfit.

You don’t want your accessories to clash with your outfit. Color coordination is critical. How you put your colors together can either make or break your fashion statement. There should be harmony between your outfit and the color of accessories.

With all that said and done, the above tips should not stop you from being experimental and playing around with colors and different textures. It’s all about personal taste and preference.

Accessories should also tell a story about you and your personality. They are an extension of your inner self! The guides above are only meant to help you make decisions when you are stuck, or you do not know how to go about it. But I can guarantee you that you can never go wrong with these tips!

Jun 25

5 Best Jewelry Stores In Miami

By Amelia Hamilton | Fashion

Miami is one of the best places in the world where you can find the best jewelry. Going without an idea of the place you are going to buy your favorite jewelry in Miami can be a challenge.

You will end up wasting your time, and at last, you end up choosing to shop in a wrong store that offers substandard jewelry. Below are the best jewelry stores in Miami.

1. Giancarlo design Inc


This is the best destination for those people who like unique brands and eponymous designs. It is a family business that has a lot of local and international followers. The store offers gemstone and diamond covered creations that are so attractive

2. Santayana Jewelers

This store offers high-quality diamonds; It is one of the best places where you can get a ring for your significant other. They offer customer services to their clients on the best options to take according to their needs.

3. Traudrey

Tiffany Dominguez owns this store; the store started as a handmade jewelry shop at the craft market before taking her business to digital. The store has a wide variety of necklace, earrings, bracelets. If you need help in deciding the right jewelry for you, someone will be right there to help you chose one that will be the best option to suit you.

4. Freddy’s certified diamonds and fine jewelry


If you find out you get intimidated when buying jewelry, then you haven’t been to this store. Freddy is very frank when it comes to pricing and savings so don’t be afraid to discuss with him about his fine jewelry and certified diamonds.

5. H AND H jewels

H and h offer the best service right from preparing old jewelry to altering current pieces to suit your needs.These are the best stores for jewelry in Miami that you need to consider.

May 26

Spring Jewelry Trends 2019 From Rhinestones To Rainbows

By Amelia Hamilton | Fashion

A jewelry trend comes every season, and everyone wants to look good on them and stand out in crowds. Having the right jewelry can transform your look and look more attractive.

Everyone needs to improve her wardrobe with the best jewelry trend for summer vacations. Here are some of the spring jewelry trends for 2019 from rhinestones to the rainbow:

1. Bold gold chain


These jewelry trends are oversize links in necklaces and bracelets that are perfect for your outfit. Bright gold chains are the best trend for 2019 summer, and everyone should buy one for the summer vacation. M most of this type of jewelry is made from gold and one look standing when wearing them.

2. Shells and Beads

Shells and beads trend for summer 2019 is the best, and most people love them because of the color.this page is the newest trend in the market; also, it has layered with various colors and length.

There are different design and types of this type of earring and necklaces. These trends include colorful shells and also gold accents and beads.

3. Resin


This is the best jewelry trend for summer 2019 because it has a huge trend. It also makes a statement in bold color and makes one look beautiful and draw everyone attention. Resin is the best jewelry trends for summer thou it is expensive everyone need to buy for summer vacation.

4. Mismatched earring

This type of trend is the best for summer because it makes someone feel modern than wearing two matching earrings. Mismatched earring is the best trend in 2019 because wearing a piece of matching jewelry is very common everywhere.

Jewelry trends are harder to choose the right type of jewelry due to all emerging jewelry brands. Everyone needs to have the right jewelry trend because it takes your look to the next level with a dazzling new design.

May 06

Wedding Ceremony Accessories You’ll Love

By Amelia Hamilton | Fashion

It is important to look for the best bridal add-ons to help enhance the looks of the bride to be and of the wedding. Several services will provide the best bridal accessories. Individuals simply have to know the best services that will provide the accessories. Prices can vary according to the kind of add-ons. The following are Wedding Ceremony Accessories You’ll Love:

Bridal hair accessories.

There are available hair add-ons which are comprised of the finest components. They can go for hair accessories made from Swarovski crystals to further accentuate the looks of the bride. It will likewise help the bride to look stunning and elegant to stand out at the wedding.


The best online store can also offer a beautiful range of wedding combs, wedding tiaras plus many more wedding hair accessories that are easy to use. In that way, it can be used to optimize an already beautiful wedding further day scheme.

Flower Girl Accessories

While not a required part of your ceremony, many couples choose to include a flower girl as part of their wedding party. Typically, a young girl dressed in a beautiful gown, the flower girl walks down the aisle ahead of the bride sprinkling rose petals from her decorative basket along the way.

There are a variety of beautiful baskets that are available. Many brides attached an elegant ribbon to the basket that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses. Fresh petals can be used, but silk petals are a more affordable choice.

Ring Bearer Supplies

Just like the flower girl, the ring bearer is not a necessity, but many couples like to include a young male relative or friend in the wedding party. He typically walks behind the flower girl with the wedding rings tied to a decorative pillow.

There are many pillow styles to choose from. A white satin pillow is usually considered the traditional choice, but many-colored versions are available as well.

Wedding Programs

The wedding program is an important element of the ceremony that may be overlooked in the planning process. This printed paper informs all of your guests about the highlights of the day. You may include a schedule of events, information about the music and readings, biographies of the wedding party, directions to the reception venue, and more. It makes a special keepsake for you and your guests as they reflect on your special day.


Read more about wedding accessories from an article from Your wedding ceremony should be a day to remember. Don’t let the task of planning and preparation get in the way of enjoying the event. Wedding ceremony accessories can be found for affordable prices online. Be sure to comparison shop so that you find the wedding supplies you need at the best prices.

Apr 15

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Vintage

By Amelia Hamilton | Fashion

The demand for high-quality and stylish vintage clothing has grown immensely over the past few years and doesn’t show any sign of stopping soon. Almost everyone is choosing vintage, from the girl on the street to popular celebrities. Even high-end clothing stores are now following suit with their vintage inspired clothes. If you’re bored with your current clothing, vintage is the way to go. However, it’s worth noting that dressing vintage has some rules. You can’t just choose a piece from the ’70s and wear it. In this article, we’ll be looking at the dos and don’ts of wearing vintage.

The Dos of Wearing Vintage

1. Make changes that you think will improve vintage clothing’s look. For instance, you can change the buttons.
2. Buy a piece that fits you perfectly. A size that is too small or too big can detract the beauty of vintage.

vintage fashion
3. When it comes to makeup and hairstyles, go modern. Adorning vintage hairstyles and makeup can make you look like a clown in this modern era.
4. Wear accessories to complete your look. Vintage clothing goes well if you can match with beautiful accessories. Bracelets, necklaces, dangling earrings, pearls, and sunglasses are some of the items you can choose.
5. Visit a tailor to see if they can suggest stylish updates to a certain piece. You’ll be surprised at some additions that can make your vintage dress elegant.
6. Know your era. Read all you can about vintage to help you know the distinct style characteristics of particular eras.
7. Know your body type.

This will help you choose and wear clothes that best complement your body’s best features.

The Don’ts of Wearing Vintage

1. Don’t wear entirely vintage clothing; mix with a few modern pieces.
2. Don’t wear a poor-quality vintage piece with stains and tears. While you may want to wear vintage, don’t wear clothing that looks old and worn out.
3. Don’t wear pieces that are too dated.

4. Don’t take vintage fashion too far. For instance, skater shoes, hipster shades, and snarky t-shirts may not bring out the best look. Look for items that suit you best.
5. Don’t wear a vintage dress while going to work. While there are some clothes which can make you look good, some can make you very unprofessional in a business meeting.
6. Don’t be hasty when choosing vintage clothing. Always check to ensure it’s high-quality and genuine.

Vintage clothing has made a major comeback and it’s all for a good reason. It’s unique and can make you stand out. However, follow the above dos and don’ts to ensure that you bring out your best look.

Mar 27

Top Wedding Gift Ideas

By Amelia Hamilton | General

When you get a wedding invitation, there are a few things that go through your head: what are you going to wear, who your +1 is going to be and, of course, what will you bring as a present. Choosing a present is a tough task, so here’s a little list to help you out:

Give them comfort

All newlyweds like to feel comfortable in their homes and in their lives. What better way to achieve this than to gift them some luxuriously soft matching bathrobes to drink their morning coffees in. Or a set of comfy decorative pillows to fluff their home up and make them more comfortable.

A token of love

Weddings indicate the moment when the newlyweds’ lives really intertwine into one and they promise to love each other forever. What better way to help them commemorate that and grow from that moment than to give them a place where they can put all of their cherished memories, whether it’s a giant picture frame with some of their favorite moments and plenty of space for more, or two message boxes in which they can leave each other notes of love.

A gift from far away

Sometimes you just live too far away and can’t make it to the wedding, but you still want to send a gift to show them your love. But items can get lost and damaged in shipping, and costs seem to rise each year, which is why newlyweds that have a lot of family members overseas tend to set up a wedding registry to which their loved ones can deposit money for them to spend on something they need down the line. This is not only a way for people to make sure that the newlyweds will get something they like, but it’s also a great way for multiple people to contribute towards a bigger goal.

An experience

There’s really nothing couples love to do more than experience new things together. By the time they’re getting married, they might be ripe for a new activity to do together, and you can gift them that on their wedding day. Whether it’s a weekend away in a nearby resort on a date of their choosing, a trip to Disneyland or something more frequent like dance lessons. If you’re close to the couple and know their schedule, you can also give them a spa pampering day for right after the wedding to relax and recover after the busy months. They will surely appreciate the time they get together away from everyone else.

A touch of luxury

Most new couples can’t exactly afford many luxuries in their lives, so small things that make them feel like they have a lot more are a great option. Something like a fancy cheeseboard set, a fondue set or even a range of champagne glasses will be a great addition to their home. You can also gift something more personal and intimate like silk or satin bed sheets.

Set them up for success

Getting married is fun and all, but when real life sets in, the newlyweds might need some help getting their lives together. This is why you should consider some gifts that come with benefits after the wedding, like a grocery store gift card that will provide them with groceries for the next few months without being a burden on their home budget, or subscribing them to a service that helps them change their last names if that’s in their plan.


Whatever you decide to give your loved ones, be mindful of their lives and wishes – don’t try to gift them what you wish you’d gotten if that gift won’t mean as much to them. The end goal is to make everyone happy and to make everyone’s lives a little bit easier, so take everything into consideration and choose wisely.

Mar 18

5 Fashion Trends for 2019 You’ll See Everywhere

By Amelia Hamilton | Fashion

Gone are the days when denim bike shorts and Barbie pink used to be the order of the day. Society has adopted some new sartorial ideas. Exaggerated tailoring is the name of the game. Asymmetrical silhouettes, sleeves, and statement-making trends which best fit separately tailored pieces have become very common these days since People have become experimental gurus in 2019 and they are not happy with wardrobe basics. As you do your wardrobe cleaning to usher in the new trends in 2019, here are some of the patterns that you’ll see everywhere this year.

Oversized Puffers

Oversized puffers are the most immediate 2019 trends. The best thing about this trend is that oversized puffers are both fashionable and functional and therefore one doesn’t have to choose between the two.

Oversized Puffers

Most celebrities are incorporating these puffer styles in the runways making them more fashionable inciting many people into adopting them. These puffers styles are likely to last all year since the temperatures are plummeting and they make a perfect fit for a cozy warm outer layer.

Bike Shorts

Yes, the bike shorts are back! This trend started streaming in slowly in 2018 at the year end, and it’s about to hit the stage in 2019 in full force. This trend is Kardashian-Jenner-approved, and it has been up and running for months now.

Romantic Suiting

2019 is going to embrace the suiting culture still but with a romantic taste. These days most men are diving into the boxy silhouettes with more details on them and slim lines in their classic wear tweeds. Females are also throwing their “rule book” away diving into this trend.

Animal Print Neutrals

As they always say, leopards are neutrals. Leopard prints have become a recent trend in the past few months. This trend never grows old. Of course, other animal neutral prints are being worn today such as the famous cheetah prints, snakeskin, zebra and tiger prints.

Animal Print Neutrals

Animal prints are however not just there to pose some bold statement just like most people perceive them. They look expensive, bring out a youthful feel and a sense of style. If you are intimidated by animal prints, try the zebra prints. they look fabulous with everything because of the white and black color. A zebra coat also layers over any dressing.

Exaggerated Ruffles

Dramatic details are back with fervor as more and more ruffles are coming up especially on the red carpet. More oversized ruffles are being seen with celebrities like kiki Layne making more and more people to rock them. The exaggerated details have more artistic vibe than anything else, and people seem not to be getting enough of them.

These are some of the trends you will see everywhere in 2019. However, the “see-now-buy-now” notion is tremendously affecting the financial status of most people around the world.

For your sanity, always make sure that the items you purchase items that suit your taste and preferences so that they remain relevant to you even if the trend is out, unless you grind in the fashion industry of course.

Mar 06

Nine 2019 Fashion Trends To Start Shopping Now

By Amelia Hamilton | Fashion

As we are in the early months 2019, we are turning to a new sartorial foliage. Gone are the times of Barbie pink, denim motorcycle shorts, and so on, since we usher in a number of our hottest favorite tendencies for this calendar year.

The title of this match is exaggerated payable: We are adopting black sleeves, asymmetrical silhouettes, and also much more statement-making styles which are perfect worn with tailored suits or setting-inspired styling pieces.

We have taken our compact cabinets to some more experimental kingdom, no happier with only the wardrobe staples. As you finish the end-of-year cupboard clean-out and make space for the newest bits of 2019, here will be the tendencies for this year

1. Oversized Puffers


Possibly the most instant 2019 fad to adopt is the Oversize puffer. Since the temperature continues to plummet, actors have embraced the colossal puffer design in the runways, which makes it more stylish than ever to actually just cozy up on your warmest outer coating. And we could not be more attractive without this woman’s fashion trends outfit for 2019.

2. All Coral Everything

Pantone has declared that “Living Cove” are the color of this entire year for 2019, which means that you’re going to watch it appear anywhere everywhere.

3. Bike Shorts

While this Specific sporty fashion started slowly toward the End of this 2018 summertime, it is going to return in full power in 2019. Not merely is that the style set more prepared to adopt the Kardashian-Jenner-approved trend today that we have found it for a couple of months working, but it is a sure bet that the warmer weather will cause it to a lot more strategies to design.

4. Romantic Suiting

2019 Will continue to completely embrace suiting, however with A romantic spin. Rather, we are viewing boxy silhouettes with bow details, slender lines in much more classic menswear tweeds, plus more.

5. Puff Sleeves

Despite the minimum and understated fashion, Silhouettes are increasing fit. This moment, however, the trend group is shooting a more customized way of the statement-making appearance, choosing ultra-feminine puff sleeves such as these on the runway in Brock, Marc Jacobs, and much more.

6. Exaggerated Ruffles

Spectacular details are coming back together with fervor as we’ve started to see more and more oversize ruffles, particularly about the red rug. Stars like Kiki Layne are choosing for this exaggerated aspect which looks more artistic than something else and we cannot get enough.

7. Cargo Pants

Having a’90s and also early-aught cupboard currently full of Logo-clad sportswear, slide dresses, daddy shoes, and mother jeans, the most recent improvement comes by means of cargo trousers.


Whether slender, just like we watched the Prabal Gurung runway, or even more wide-legged, as directed by Sies Marjan, those utilitarian-inspired bottoms are just about to make a massive comeback in 2019.

8. Faux Fur

Although an Increasing Number of designers have taken a position Against animal cruelty, omitting exotic and fur substances in their layouts entirely, that does not signify we are not still coming upward in a few of our favorite teddy bear artificial bits all winter .

9. Robe Dresses

Robe dresses would be the cozy-cute 2019 style fad we are most enthusiastic about. This one does not have origins at the 2018 fashion scene, which makes it incredibly exciting. (Plus, most robe gowns are like as hell) According to Interest, hunts for “robe silhouettes” are upwards 689 percentage, so prepare yourself to See a lot of comfy-glam bits hitting on the design scene this season.

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