St. Louis (Season 2)


The team of Genealogists share intriguing stories from the famous gateway city of St. Louis MO. A mystery writer finds out that her mother has been hiding a secret that will change her entire life and the life of everyone around her. One woman thinks she is a descendent of the infamous pirate, Blackbeard. One young woman wants to find out if the rumor that her great grandmother came to America as a mail order bride is true or was it true love that brought here? One mother and daughter desperately want to have a connection to a famous author. And a special needs young man is on a journey of his own. He wants to be connected the Mali tribe and Africa…Can the help of DNA and a persistent Genealogist make that connection?


St Louis Union Station was once a train terminal that attracted thousands of people on their way to exciting destinations. Today it serves as a terminal connecting dozens of people to their family’s pasts. A musician comes to the show in hopes to find a connection to a famous St Louis Jazz composer. Being connected to America and its history is extremely important and two sisters are looking to connect to a survivor of the Famous Donne party. One proud Italian American woman asks us if she is related to Italian Royalty. A schoolteacher may have all the answers for her students, but has very few when it comes to her own past. The mystery that surrounds one man’s Great Grandfather is what brings him to the roadshow today. Knowing where you come from and how you got here is a question most people want answered. And for one woman, it has taken a lifetime to find out just that.