Philadelphia (Season 2)


The team of Genealogists were busy uncovering rich family histories in the City Of Brotherly Love at The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Was one woman’s ancestor responsible for setting a fire in a coal mine and sparking Labor laws that changed the course of history? A pastor finds out she has an outlaw in her past. One woman gets a lesson in slave genealogy and with the help of DNA gets the answer she has been waiting for. A guest finds out her connection to a Privateer while another finds out that her ancestor helped people escape the clutches of one of the worst events in human history.


The Franklin Institute was the setting for the Roadshow on this episode. Stories from all over the east coast flooded in and the Genealogists did there best to answer as many questions and solve as many mysteries as they could. One of the guests came to the Roadshow wanting to know why and how his family arrived in Philadelphia. What drove his family to the City Of Brotherly Love made national news and changed the course of history. Is it possible that one of our guests is related to Vikings? What the experts found out truly shocked her. Could one woman’s family be part of one of histories’ biggest scams? One young man was hoping to find out if he was related to a signer of “The Declaration of Independence”, but what he found out was a relationship that was quite the opposite of the time. And a woman and her sister gets a clearer picture of how her ancestors were part of a greater Irish Migration story that made there way to the United States.