New Orleans (Season 2)

The team of Genealogists are in the Big Easy uncovering fascinating stories, and what better place to be, but the beautiful multi cultural city of New Orleans Louisiana. A New Orleans native has come to the show in hopes of recovering his family’s documents, and essential history that was washed away from Hurricane Katrina. Two families from two completely different cultures are brought together by one common thread. One woman is brought closer to her Creaole heritage while another woman finds out the mystery behind our grandfather’s adoption. And it wouldn’t be New Orleans unless we had a story about Voodoo, and we have one. Our guest is hoping to find the link to the famous New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.


Our experts serve up a large pot of Genealogy gumbo at the famous Cabildo Lousiana State museum located in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans Louisiana. One woman thinks she may be related to Joan of Arc, but there are other intriguing names in her family tree. A couple has recently found out that both sides of their family migrated from the same small town in Italy. Is there a chance they are actually related? One woman brings gruesome details of a murder in her ancestor’s past, but is desperate to find out answers of who did it and why. What happened to one man’s father who was a prominent figure in politics, then suddenly vanished? A fascinating story is traced through a home that has been in the family for over a century. And a Mardi Gras Indian and Queen of the Maroon tribe finds out details of a difficult path one of her family members took on their path to freedom from slavery.